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What You Should Know About MSRP
What You Should Know About MSRP

What You Should Know About MSRP

January 21, 2022

The MSRP is the suggested price for a vehicle sale.  MSRP is an acronym that means the Manufacturer’s suggested retail price, it is also known as other names such as sticker price, list price, asking price and so on. On the side window of the vehicle you are assessing for purchase, there is an information sheet that the MSRP is posted on. Briefly, the MSRP is the amount or selling price the vehicle manufacturer proposes that the dealer sells the vehicle for.

The price suggested is not the fixed price for which the vehicle must sell.  In this article, MSRP will be broken down below, and we will explain what it means and how you should apply it to the purchase of your vehicle. You can ask one of the dealership’s sales consultants for the MSRP of the vehicle you are considering, if you can not find it on your own.

How is MSRP determined?

If you are not experienced in the auto industry, it is uncommon knowledge that there is a federal law that instructs dealerships to show the MSRP of every vehicle they have on sale. The MSRP is determined based on the components used during the making of the vehicle. Some dealerships display the MSRP for the vehicle’s make while including different options for the model’s midrange as it ranges from the basic to the most expensive trims. The most expensive trims are more expensive because they include more niceties, tech, and interiors. All these changes and adjustments are things that can lead to the dealership adding more money. It is highly intriguing and important to note that other retail products aside from cars also have MSRPs though there is not a federal law that demands retailers display those MSRPs as is the case with automobiles for customers when Car Shopping.

Let’s take a closer look at an example of MSRP to help explain what this acronym means and why it is so important when it comes to car sales. Let’s say there is a situation in which you and your friends go car shopping and find a stunning new luxury Benz with an MSRP of $75,000. The auto dealer then prices the vehicle at $85,500.  The MSRP is sometimes lower than the manufacturer’s suggested sales price so you might feel as though you are overpaying for the vehicle. Most dealerships will not bring the sale price of the vehicle down to the suggested retail price of $75,000, but negotiating the price to a favorable amount close to the MSRP or below is advisable.

Let’s go through the difference between dealer cost, factory invoice price, and Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

MSRP and dealer invoice price are not similar or related to each other. The amount that a dealership pays to the manufacturer of the vehicle on a receipt is the invoice price. For example, if a vehicle is worth $35,000 at MSRP, the amount on the invoice price would likely be about $33,000. This simply means that the car dealer paid less to obtain the vehicle. Other factors that determine how expensive the car is are the expensive features added to the car, the more added or customized features, the larger the difference between the invoice price, MSRP, and the selling price. It is also important to know that the invoice price might not be the sum total of what was paid to the manufacturer.

How much below MSRP is a good deal?

For the bulk of the car-buying populace, if you can grab a new vehicle for less than the MSRP disclosed on the side window, you are getting a fair deal. To be honest, most auto dealerships are opposed to selling their vehicles for less than the MSRP.  A lot of auto industry experts will insist that buying a vehicle at or close to the MSRP is the best deal you can get, but now you know better.

Can vendors sell a vehicle over MSRP?

Yes, they can, selling a vehicle over the MSRP is coming to be increasingly common as supply decreases and demand increases. factors such as computer chip shortages, increased demand, a limited number of that particular model, fuel scarcity, inflation, and all, have the potential to increase the sale price that much higher than the MSRP.

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