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2022 BMW M3 and M4 | New BMW M3 and M4 Grill | Controversial New M3 and M4

2022 BMW M3 and M4 | New BMW M3 and M4 Grill | Controversial New M3 and M4

October 14, 2020

2021 BMW M3 | 2021 BMW M4 | 2021 BMW New Releases

The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are said to be one of the most driver-friendly and powerful vehicle models BMW has ever launched. Other than the controversial look, the models is amazing in many ways.

It seems that BMW decided to stun its fans with something other than the performance it offers. With the launch of 2021 BMW M3 and M4, a new controversy has stirred in the BMW fans and rivals alike. The bigger front grilles as seen in the 2021 BMW M3 and M4 are a hot topic of discussion in the automotive world these days. The topic has become so controversial, that people are now making memes about the prospected looks of upcoming BMW models featuring a bit of car attached to a whole chunk of grille. As funny as this sounds, there is no doubt that the automaker has attempted to compensate for the expected controversial look with a smoother six-speed manual transmission, optional all-wheel drive and an innovative rear-based drift mode on RWD models.
But are these features good enough to clear the controversies stirring in the automotive world regarding the ostentatiously big front grille of 2021 BMW M3 and M4? Check for yourself!

2021 BMW M3 and M4 – What’s New?

Apart from the protruding front grille of the 2021 BMW M3 and M4, the performance duo that resounds of nothing but success over the past years has managed to stay true to its essence in the latest edition as well. From the optional six-speed manual transmission to the innovative performance features, the 2021 BMW M3 and M4 duo is all set to give a strong competition to the Audi RS5 Sportback and Mercedes AMG C63– both of which are expected to arrive in first quarter of 2021. You will be delighted to know that the BMW engineers at M GmBH have finally paid attention to the customers’ concerns and introduced the smoother and more convenient optional six-speed manual transmission supported by the rev-match system which minimizes clutter when you are attempting to test out the gearbox and clutch during different transmissions.

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